[Inde] L'Inde va continuer à augmenter son budget spatial

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L'Inde va continuer à augmenter progressivement son budget spatial qui atteindra 2.2 milliards de dollars en 2014.

India spends on space exploration until 2014 more than two billion dollars - Managing Director, Antrix
:: 08/27/2010

India has decided to increase funding program to study the cosmos. The statement was made managing director of Antrix - a subsidiary of the Indian Space Research Organization / ISRO / Sridhara Murthi in passing here the International Exhibition of advanced space technologies "Space Expo-2010".
"The cost of the space program will increase by an average of 15 percent annually - he said. - Until 2014, India will allocate for this purpose 100 billion Indian rupees / over 2.2 billion dollars /. In this case, said Murthy, since 2000 India has consistently increased funding for the space industry. In 2003, this program has been spent 24 billion rupees / more than $ 500 million.
"Increased funding for Indian programs is yet another confirmation of the country's ambitious plans in space exploration", - said Murthy.
In 2008, India launched its first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1, which was the first step in ambitious plans to explore space. Currently, ISRO, in collaboration with Russia is planning to implement the second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2. In addition, India is planning to 2015-2016 years to prepare for the launch of two cosmonauts, and in the long run - to participate in international expeditions to Mars.


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